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Doodle-a-Day: January 25–28 (Weekend Getaway Edition)

January 29, 2013

I may have neglected to mention that I spent the weekend in Vancouver. This past Saturday, Schoolism hosted Pixar Storyboard Artist Louis Gonzales for a half-day Gesture Drawing workshop — an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

On the flight over, I took some creative liberties with the air sickness bag.



The workshop itself was incredible. Louis Gonzales is an exceptionally talented artist (Pixar does not fuck around with this sort of thing) who approached the subject of Gesture Drawing from an intuitive and informative angle. Each section of the lecture built upon the last, starting with the all-too-familiar Line of Action, moving through Shape, Silhouette, Space/Dimension, and into Exaggeration, and finally, pose and story extrapolation. With a live model on stage, we tackled each of these subjects in 30-second to 2-minute poses — in gesture drawing, it’s all about economy of lines.




Throughout the workshop, Louis had set up an email where we could send in our sketches for live critiques. Imagine my thrill when my dinosaur doodle appeared on screen!



By the end of the four-hour workshop, I noticed a major improvement in my gesture drawings. The way that Louis presented the concepts suddenly made a lot of sense, and I think it unlocked some hidden knowledge and skill deep inside of me that was always there, but just couldn’t find a way out. So thank you, Mr. Gonzales, and Schoolism, for putting on such an incredible show!

Since then, I’ve been trying to apply the concepts to my own drawings. I have a tendency, especially when sketching in public, to spend way too long on sketches; now, I’m trying to focus on that same economy, and capture the essence of the figure, as opposed to getting caught up in technical specificities. Here’s a few 5-minute studies throughout Vancouver, as well as a gesture thumbnail of a Leyendecker cover.





Hopefully I can now get back in the habit of regularly scheduled posting.

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