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Doodle-a-Day: January 5 & 6

January 6, 2013

I’ve had a busy weekend that left me with little time to do much serious art. Bummer, but I’m not going to let that throw this project off the rails within its first week. Even when the only spare time I have to doodle is while off in the corner at a party whilst in my cups, I’m going to scribble out some primitive lines, dammit!

2013-01-05_drunken-doodlesI’d like the record to show that these are not indicative of my typical skill level, and serve only as a harsh warning against the dangers of drinking and drawing.

Today I spent some time at the Art Gallery of Alberta, where they’re currently hosting an exhibit on Japan’s Edo period. Along with some shiny period art, they have three impeccably preserved suits of samurai armor. I did a quick sketch of one.



This didn’t turn out quite as well as I was hoping, and I’m finding the paper in this particular sketchbook to be far more finicky than I had anticipated. When learning how to art, remember that getting a feel for the materials is just as important as getting a feel for the techniques.


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