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Thing-a-Week 30: Art Dump miscellany

July 24, 2011

Just over a week ago, I finished the sketchbook I had been working on for the past two years. Prior to starting it, I had never completely filled a sketchbook before. I’d always get halfway through, forget about art for a while, and by the time I started drawing again, I’d hate everything I had drawn and start over. In order to prevent that sort of non-constructive attitude and motivate myself to keep drawing constantly, in the first page, I wrote “I will complete this sketchbook.” Two years and a month later, and I finally did.

But last year, I also picked up a new sketchbook — the ubiquitous Moleskine sketchbook, well-known for its heavy, durable paper quality. It was a major difference compared to the lightweight stock in my main sketchbook, so I used it whenever I was using heavy inks that were prone to bleed through the page. My grayscale self-portrait, all three Ravenloft portraits, and the ill-fated Sketch War Redux entry from last year were all done in this book. As a result of what I was using it for, it started to fall victim to one of the oldest productivity hurdles many creatives face: the fear of committing anything but one’s best work to the pages.

I forced myself to break through that aversion, though, and it’s come with an unexpected consequence. Instead of being reluctant to draw in it, for fear of my work not being top-notch, I’m drawing anything I can in it, and I’m finding that my art is just naturally improving. That could just be a result of drawing every day, but I’d like to think there’s a subconscious motivator pushing the quality of my sketches as I go.

But enough monologuing. This week, I’ve been drawing anything I can, finding interesting subjects in the pages of National Geographic and Old West history books. These are all done using various hardnesses of art pencils, as opposed to my usual mechanical pencil. It’s been fun working in a familiar, but slightly different medium and turning out new results.

Caitlin has moved into new artistic territory as well, using wood as her new canvas. She’s also been extremely busy with tons of post-Art Walk events, so I’m excited to see what she comes up with in the days ahead. Go check out her stuff!

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