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Thing-a-Week 22: Cowboys and Demons

May 29, 2011

Best I get this one out of the way before moving day. Surprisingly, with all the nonstop packing and prep I’ve been doing in the days leading up to our move on Tuesday, I’ve still found time to draw nearly every day this week.

That said, my scanner is long since packed up, so this week’s post will have to settle for an iPhone capture. I’m taking a break from my usual dinosaurs-and-robots palate to play around with some cowboys and demons. The motivation behind this switch is something I hope I’m able to announce soon, but not until I know I can — I’m trying to avoid hyping my ideas too soon and creating Expectational Debt.

I anticipate Caitlin‘s post this week may be affected by the busy week she’s been having too. This weekend, she was part of the Night of Artists magazine launch and all the promotion surrounding it. Sadly, because of the previously mentioned packing-and-moving thing, I didn’t make it out, but I’m looking forward to hearing her account of it — not to mention seeing the art that’s come out of it.

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