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Thing-a-Week 21: (Not quite) halfway there

May 23, 2011

21 out of 52. Is it the halfway mark already? Lookit that — I don’t even bother to carry the one. Even though we’re not quite at the halfway mark, we’re getting closer!

I don’t mean to lay down yet another excuse for tardiness or lack of substantial content, but I’m moving next week, which means this and at least next week’s post will likely be pretty minimal. I’m sure you’ll understand.

So here’s a tree I drew. This started off as a lunchtime sketch on the campus quad, but evolved into what I’m terrified is subconscious plagiarism of a Threadless t-shirt. Feel free to call me on it if that’s the case. If there’s one thing it reminded me of, it’s that straight lines are really hard to draw freehand. Organic shapes or bust.

Caitlin made an executive decision last week to bump the weekly deadline on this project up to Mondays. That mean’s she’s still got a few more hours to post something this week, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic as usual.

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