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Thing-a-Week 19: Off the rails

May 15, 2011

If you’re really keeping track, you might say that missing last week’s deadline by a whole week makes this project instantly fail. But while part of the project’s purpose might be to train me to meet repeated, tight deadlines, the larger purpose is to keep me creating constantly over a long-term basis. Some weeks, I’m bound to manage that a lot more often than others. If I’m still going to make an excuse, at least I can point to the weeks where posted multiple projects. For those keeping track, today actually marks the start of Week 20, so this is still last week’s entry; this week’s will arrive in the next day or two. Seriously, hold me to that.

This is a piece I’ve been working on intermittently for the past year or so, but didn’t want to post until I had something closer to a finished product. Of course, that led to repeatedly putting it off and making excuses, telling myself that it wouldn’t be “finished” until it was “perfect”. But I started listening to Merlin Mann’s Back To Work podcast this week, and it reminded me of an ethos I already know and try to follow: just shut up and do it. I’m not satisfied with it being perfect, but it’s a sketchbook piece, so by definition, it shouldn’t be. Sometimes, I can’t believe that I still fall into that mental trap and let it slow down my progress. In any case, it felt like a good way to get back into the habit — it’s even more daunting staring at a blank page after not drawing for several days.

So, meet Clara. She’s another member of our Ravenloft D&D crew that I started illustrating last year alongside Simon and Albert. Eventually, I’ll have the whole team drawn!

Meanwhile, Caitlin’s been meeting deadlines with a lot more posterity than me. Go to her blog and take a look at her Thing from last week. Lately, she’s moved from acrylics into watercolours and has been producing some really cool stuff. One of my favorite parts of this project is watching how our styles develop over the course of it. Can’t wait to see where we’re at come December.

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