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Thing-a-Week 16: Unfathomably late

April 19, 2011

It’s finals week. So sue me. I’ve had these sitting in my sketchbook for the past few days, but with two exams, one more essay, and the release of Portal 2, I haven’t had time to upload them till now.

Caitlin beat me to it again this week, and posted a very pretty illustration over at her blog.


Thing-a-Week 15
Thing-a-Week 14

Thing-a-Week 13

Thing-a-Week 12.1

Thing-a-Week 12

Thing-a-Week 11

Thing-a-Week 10.1

Thing-a-Week 10
Thing-a-Week 9

Thing-a-Week 8

Thing-a-Week 7

Thing-a-Week 6

Thing-a-Week 5

Thing-a-Week 4

Thing-a-Week 3

Thing-a-Week 2

Thing-a-Week 1

Thing-a-Week 2011 Intro


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