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Thing-a-Week 14: Phoning it in

April 4, 2011

If there was going to be a week that I needed an excuse to be late, it might as well be the one where I’m working to deadline on three major papers. Nothing fancy this week, I’m afraid. Just a notebook doodle and a preview of my next dino painting. Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial once I’m clear past all this writing.

At least Caitlin’s Thing-a-Week is running behind schedule this week too — I suppose I don’t feel so bad about it in that case.


Thing-a-Week 13
Thing-a-Week 12.1

Thing-a-Week 12

Thing-a-Week 11

Thing-a-Week 10.1

Thing-a-Week 10
Thing-a-Week 9

Thing-a-Week 8

Thing-a-Week 7

Thing-a-Week 6

Thing-a-Week 5

Thing-a-Week 4

Thing-a-Week 3

Thing-a-Week 2

Thing-a-Week 1

Thing-a-Week 2011 Intro

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