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Thing-a-Week 8: Portraits and cafe sketches

February 20, 2011

 Plenty of portraits this week! I’ve been a little rusty on them lately, so I started with a handful of studies from a spec sheet I found for an old Superman comic. Then I finally got to meet Caitlin in person, after running our simultaneous Things-a-Week for a solid two months now. Before she got to the coffee shop, I took the liberty of sketching some of its patrons. And finally, my dear friend Alix was kind enough to pose for a less-secretive kind of portrait. They’re a lot harder to do when the subject is watching your every move.

Caitlin’s outdone me once more this week with some fantastic paintings as well. Go check out her stuff over at her blog!


Thing-a-Week 7
Thing-a-Week 6

Thing-a-Week 5

Thing-a-Week 4

Thing-a-Week 3

Thing-a-Week 2

Thing-a-Week 1

Thing-a-Week 2011 Intro



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