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PostRejects: Subversive confessions of the comedic variety

August 9, 2010

For a few years now, Frank Warren’s PostSecret has been a web hit among indie kids and amateur poets alike. He asked contributors to anonymously share one of their biggest secrets by slapping it on a homemade postcard and mailing it in. He compiled them all, and has since published them in several books, galleries, and the official PostSecret blog.

Given, a number of the postcards are very interesting. People have revealed some of their darkest, most disturbing closeted skeletons, while others are simply works of art. But as the project has grown, it’s tended to attract more melodramatic, emo, “FML” crap. It’s become something of a haven for the whiniest and most pathetic posts on your Facebook news feed, concentrated into a Hot Topic-flavoured art gallery.

Here’s where PostRejects comes in — the sardonic, subversive little brother to PostSecret, it’s chewed up the worst of the galleries and spat it out as comedy gold. It’s got all the tropes of its emotional sibling: romantic laments, over-thought celebritiesdoubting one’s life choices, philosophical questions of self, and my favorite, pretentious, unnecessarily postmodern meta-texts.

I’m still on the fence about this one myself:


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