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Introducing S. G. Melvar’s Omicron Sunrider Saga

March 21, 2010

Bad sci-fi books are a dime a dozen, and with the piles upon piles that are churned out seemingly every week, it can’t be that hard to get into the business. That’s why I’ve decided to become a literary entrepreneur, and license the works of S. G. Melvar into a collection that’s sure to top the best-sellers charts.

Plight of the Doom Planet is a four-part series in the greater Omicron Sunrider saga. On a forgotten planet in the far reaches of a lost galaxy’s outer territories, the last surviving city of Tong’th is in peril. After the revolution to overthrow the malevolent plutocratic kings, a schism rips through the city, rending its citizens and their allegiances asunder. But with the appearance of a mysterious prophet from the forbidden wastes, the last bastion of humanity on this desolate world is forced to unite against the impending arrival of an even greater menace.

The sons of the once-mighty kings have been at war for years with the radical freedom fighters, led by the charismatic mercenary captain, Omicron Sunrider. But Andaa, a forgotten descendant of the old Draethian dynasty knows that even more sinister forces are afoot beneath the great city’s depths. The words of the Chaosmancer are cryptic and arcane, but this Moonchild may hold the key to unlocking Tong’th’s ancient secrets and saving its people from oblivion.

Turmoil has errupted in the city of Tong’th, and an ancient beast has awoken. The Wizardarium Maelfactorate has for centuries served the ruling kings as civil servants and bureaucrats. They have waited for centuries to strike, and with Tong’th at its most crippled state, Grand Wizard Ryacal has seized power. Together, Omicron Sunrider, Andaa, and the great Chaosmancer Serrus must march on the Ravensblood Tower and recapture the city from the wicked tyrants.

In the thrilling conclusion to Plight of the Doom Planet, the great city of Tong’th is in its most desperate hour. Survivors of the Wizardarium raid have fled underground, and chaos reigns supreme. The threat is passed, but where will Sunrider’s forces go next?

Special thanks to Ryan for the brainstorming and inspiration on these. Watch the best-sellers list for more exciting titles from sci-fi master S. G. Melvar!


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