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Since I been gone

January 24, 2010

Thomas the Clockwork Finch says: "Damn, I look good on this shirt!"

Though I’m quite certain that 100% of my readership already knows the reasons for my extended absence this month, I feel it’s part of my online fiduciary duty to record it nonetheless, for the benefit of the Internet Wayback Machine.

I’ve spent the last year organizing Natural Selection, the Canadian University Press national conference, as hosted by the Gateway. After close to 400 days of planning, it finally launched on January 14, and what a hell of a party it was.

Chances are, if it matters to you in the slightest, you’ve already seen the hundreds of photos posted on Facebook (if you weren’t there already), so I won’t waste time waxing nostalgic. I feel it’s classy, however, to at least send out a thank-you to everyone who helped me to put it together, and a good-luck to the McGill Daily and Le Delit, who’ll be putting on next year’s gig in Montreal.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging activities.

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